Warlock Grimoire 3 (5th Edition) Role Playing Game

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Inside, find revelations and testimonials on monsters, magic, locales, and lore of Midgard:
- The life and times of the noble bearfolk, their Bear Maiden and their honey axes
- Mysteries of the quizzical ravenfolk, steeped in magic and myth
- Dangerous secrets kept by the druids, from dark trinkets to hidden circles
- Weird and quirky truths, from the Astral moons to the odd weather of the Wastes
- Details and history of the village of Redtower, ever in the shadow of the Scarlet Citadel
- Wondrous and mysterious locales of the Southlands, where adventure is abundant
- Sites of legend, their secrets uncovered, from the interplanar Stross Library to Terminus Island at the very edge of the world
- Mind-bending options for dungeons and new perspectives on their design and integration
- Rumors of the Dragon Empire and insights into just what the dragons are hiding
- Plus new subclasses, backgrounds, spells, magic items, monsters, and more!
Warlock Grimoire 3 presents the content from issues 20-28 of Warlock and includes the Warlock Guide to the Planes, answering secrets of the multiverse-and raising many more.
Uncover dark truths about the Midgard campaign setting or for worlds of your own creation!

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