Warcaster: Marcher Worlds: Blast Shield Miniatures

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The Marcher Worlds produce a variety of collapsible defense barriers that can be quickly deployed to the battlefield wherever they are most needed. While these blast shields are not much to look at and lack the mechanikal refinements of the mantlets used by their rivals, they are inexpensive to produce and quick and easy to move into position. These barriers provide protection to friendly forces and restrict the movement of the enemy.

• Mantlets are a new type of model that can be deployed to the battlefield like units. Once deployed, mantlets are stationary and provide cover.
• Friendly models can move through mantlets while enemies cannot.
• Grant the Compound Armor advantage to friendly models within 2 inches of it.

Resin components.

1 Blast Shield Miniature

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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