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There are sixty vampires chits; ten vampires each of six different colors. The vampires are shuffled face down and distributed evenly among the players. Each player lines up one’s own vampires and reveals the identity of the vampires on both ends. The grave lids have the same distribution of colors as the vampires with the addition of six lids which have rats on them. Six lids are randomly removed and temporarily set aside from the rest and replaced with the lids with the rats on them. The lids are shuffled thoroughly then each lid is placed face down on one of the hollow graves on the game board. Each player receives three garlic chits of a unique color.

Each player in turn turns over a grave lid. If the color of the obverse side of the lid matches the color of the vampire on either end of one’s own line then the player may put the vampire in the grave. If the grave is empty and the color of the lid does not match either vampire on the player’s ends then the player may place a garlic chit in the empty grave and replace the lid.

If the grave already contains a vampire then receives a wooden stake. When a player collects three wooden stakes all the other players give one of their vampires to that player. Should the grave contain garlic placed by another player, then the player who placed the garlic gives a vampire to player who found it. A player who finds one’s own garlic receives one vampire from each of the players.

Revealing a grave lid with a rat allows a player the option to reveal the grave lids of the surrounding graves.

The game continues until one player has gotten rid of all of one’s own vampires. That player is the winner.

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