Pathfinder: Deep Cuts Minis: Quick-Pick Wave 14 Miniatures

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The Pathfinder Deep Cuts Wave 14 Quick-Pick SKU is a new addition to the Unpainted Miniatures line to help ease initial launch pick and pack pressures. This SKU will contain 1 copy of every Pathfinder Deep Cuts single wide, tall, and double wide blister pack in Wave 14, along with their corresponding Retailer Reorder cards.

This SKU does not contain any Premium Sets, as those should be ordered separately.

90260 Pathfinder Deepcuts: Halfling Wizard Male
90261 Pathfinder Deepcuts: Halfling Cleric Female
90262 Pathfinder Deepcuts: Elf Sorcerer Male
90263 Pathfinder Deepcuts: Human Champion Male
90264 Pathfinder Deepcuts: Human Champion Female
90265 Pathfinder Deepcuts: Nymph & Dryad
90266 Pathfinder Deepcuts: Annis Hag & Green Hag
90267 Pathfinder Deepcuts: Blue Dragon
90268 Pathfinder Deepcuts: Earth Elemental Lord
90269 Pathfinder Deepcuts: Human Rogue Female
90285 Pathfinder Deep Cuts Wave 14: Retail Reorder Cards

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