Dungeons and Dragons D&D 5E: Adventure: The Lost City of Gaxmoor Role Playing Game

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The sun sinks slowly over the desolation of the ancient and once grand Empire. In the distance, on the mesas that mark a broad valley, lie the ruins of a city, once the jewel in the Empire’s crown. Her alabaster walls wind their way through the wilderness, guarding buildings both fair and ruined. It was a great city in its day, now long since fallen to the ravages of time and war. Long ago she stood as a shining doorway to the east, a place for rest and restocking of provisions for those on the long trek into the wildlands of the barbaric frontier in the Western Empire. But that is but a memory in this, the ruins of the Lost City of Gaxmoor. What shades of her past glory remained are laid waste to the pillaging madness of man, goblin, and beast. Her walls breached, her towers stained with ruin, her houses pulled down. The Lost City is a wreck of ruin and awash in fire and blood. The Lost City of Gaxmoor includes over 200 areas of interest, 70 magical statues, scores of NPCs, dungeons, factions of humanoids, mercenary bands, monster lairs, and more. Throw in the machinations of ancient gods and the rise of a demon prince and you have a setting that just won't quit. Designed for characters that range from 1st to 10th level.

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