Brief Border Wars Board Game

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Brief Border Wars is a quadrigame, or set of four mini-games on short border conflicts of the 20th and 21st century, using a card-driven system that models the chaotic, stop-and-start nature of these impromptu wars. Each game can be played in under two hours.

The four conflicts included:

1969: The Football War
One of history's shortest conflicts, also called "The 100 Hour War." A riot over a lost football match supplies the spark. Years of tension come to a peak as El Salvador invades Honduras, in an effort to unify itself politically and punish its neighboring economic rival by seizing Honduran territory.

1974: Operation Attila
Since Classical times both Greeks and Turks have uneasily inhabited Cyprus. In July 1974, a pro-Greek group overthrew the government on the island country and Turkey invaded, ostensibly to guarantee the safety of the Turkish Cypriot minority. In the game, as in history, the Turkish player must establish and exploit form a beachhead to seize as much territory as possible.

1979: The Third Indochina War
In February 1979, the communist People's Republic of China launched a punitive campaign against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to "teach it a lesson." The actual reason for the war remain unclear but the spirited Vietnamese defense revealed many weaknesses in the Chinese People's Liberation Army, laying the foundations for today's modernized armed force. Also included is an alternate scenario based on an earlier Chinese plan for a shorter, sharper campaign.

2006: Second Lebanon War
After the Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon in 2000, the Hezbollah movement established itself as a state within a state. In July 2006, Hezbollah fighters ambushed an Israeli Defense Forces vehicle patrol on Israel's northern border. This provoked a large-scale military response aimed at removing this insurgent threat. The Israeli player must seek out and destroy the Hezbollah rocket and missile units in tense air and ground campaign.

4 Maps
1 Sheet of Counters
1 Player Aid Card
2 Six-sided Dice
1 Set of System Rules
4 Sets of Exclusive Rule Aids
54 Playing Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-2
Game Length: 60-120 minutes


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